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This is the Medicine Wheel - also called

  • The Sacred Wheel

  • The Wheel of Life

  • The Circle of Life

It holds many sacred teachings. I view it as a moral compass that includes all of Life.

If you are here, reading this today, you are looking for a soothing balm to apply to your Soul because you hurt but don't understand the hurt. It doesn't seem to have a physical grounding - medical test results all come back normal. Your mental health is good, your emotional health is also good, yet there is still this sense that you hurt somewhere in your physical form. 

What is it about that hurt that feels like a wound? Everything in your life is going well and you feel guilty for feeling like something is missing. You have so much to be grateful for, yet here you are.

I have something for you that your Soul needs and is not taught in schools. It is the missing link you are searching for in order to experience more happiness and peace of mind. It is the fourth quadrant of being human: sacred energy training. Most would use the word "spiritual training", but because we tend to associate spiritual with "religion" or "religious", I refer to it as Sacred Energy training. This is the energy that makes you "tick" on all cylinders. It is also called personal development.

Right now you are well balanced physically, mentally and emotionally - what is missing is the "sacredly" aspect of your Self. It's as if your physical vehicle, the body, is running with only three round wheels and one square one. You are now searching for the fourth wheel, your Soul and its language. This is the language Indigenous Peoples know and this is often what non-indigenous people want - you are seeking out their "intuitive" lifestyle. As an urban Elder, I can introduce you to that intuitiveness and its lifestyle.

Shamanic healing and mentoring is all about the story of your Soul and not only your connection with the Sacred but also your relationship to it.  It is about your energetic body, its story and how it works. If you are still reading this, your sacredness is asking you to consider connecting with it. I can help you with that.

There are four components to shamanic sessions with me. One is that of learning about your sacredness, your soul's language and its integration; two, is that of listening to your story, offering healing and energy balancing to help with the integration; three, developing strategies to assist you in your personal and spirit growth; and four, learning how to look at things differently.

If you feel stuck, a little bit out of sorts and need some help to get unstuck, reach out. Each session is personalized to you.

Come and feel what it feels like to be reconnected to the sacred energy aspect of your Self. Once you do, the hurt or wound you were wondering about just may very well go away - especially if you decide to apply the learning and learn to do the "inner work" everyone is referring to nowadays.


I can help. I have a vision and a plan. Those who have come for training, healing and mentoring keep on coming back. The vision and the plan work, if you are ready to learn about and apply your personal plan for your own inner work. Results vary - it's up to you!

Please note that what is taught is food for thought and philosophical in nature. It is offered as an informational guide only.  These services do not substitute  professional, medical or psychological care or treatment.


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