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R E C O N N E C T ! 4 classes, live on-line series February 2,9, 16 & 23, 2020

10:00 a.m. to Noon CANCELLED

This is the Medicine Wheel - also called

  • The Sacred Wheel

  • The Wheel of Life

  • The Circle of Life

It holds many sacred teachings. I view it as a moral compass that includes all of Life.

Welcome to Dignity101.com - Navigating the Sacred Compass

into the next dimension of Consciousness


Navigating the Sacred Compass is about understanding life lessons, Universal Laws and how to apply them. It is also learning about the universal Spirit/Soul subtle energy system in, through and around our physical body, from a sacred standpoint. This is done through information sessions and the observations of our daily stories and how what we believe affects the direction of our lives.


Dignity 101 is about restoring the Sacred Self. We talk aout the Divine and human duality, about sacredness and how to restore it in every day living outside of religion. We study and compare Indigenous, Hindu and Buddhist traditional teachings, proving that the Sacred Self is universal and that there is map to follow in order to raise our level of consciousness.

It is stated that Human Beings are shifting into a new dimension of consciousness - from the 3rd and 4th into the 5th. This means we are moving away from the lose-win-lose paradigm to one of win-win-win. The field of personal development and spiritual growth is the venue where you can learn about this shift and this way of life. It cannot be learned in one weekend. There is no magic pill to take to make it happen. It is about learning, self-observation, looking at what you've learned that serves you well and what no longer does and how to process that shift.


It is a process that requires multiple disciplines. Dignity101 offers soul energy medicine, which means we offer the philosophical aspect of the 5th Dimension and also a pragmatic approach on how to learn it and implement it in every day living. This is not about religion but about the Sacred. It is not about psychology but about attitude training. 

Your learning comes through a unique educational/healing/mentoring-support approach through personal development and spiritual growth methods. We explore sacred teachings from a non-religious point of view, study the subtle or energetic component of Self, incorporate shamanic healing as needed and we include strategies to implement and incorporate the Sacred Self in daily living. We offer a support system that is unique. See the "Services" page.

Navigating the Sacred Compass is also about making sense out of the 6th and 7th sense, as well as the and Soul (psychic) gifts - the language of the Soul. It sounds complex yet when taken one step at a time, it all falls into place beautifully.

Story-healing and Soul Detox introduces the EgoTriage System which is unique to Dignity101 - understanding the duality of being Human and how to re-awaken to the Sacred Self. The benefits of this system promote a balanced way of living. It also restores the understanding of Universal Laws and results in greater inner peace. It's about self-mastery - to make your Self, that much better. 

The bottom line is Dignity101 is about learning how to raise your level of consciousness and dealing with the positive, constructive changes as they occur within the realm of personal development and spiritual growth.

Please note that what is taught acts as an informational guide and is not to substitute for professional medical or psychological care or treatment. Training can be terminated if it is deemed that psychological services would be required.