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Hi! My name is Diane Oliver. I am a Native American ‘’Urban Elder” and Medicine Woman. My mother tongue is French Canadian and the Spirit that beats my heart is Mohawk. Due to a very difficult beginning in life, I have been consciously engaged in developing a relationship with Great Spirit and my Soul since I was 8 years old. Through the school of hard knocks, I have learned the ins and outs of soul development by understanding my psychic and intuitive gifts.


If you who are just beginning on a Soul-quest and wonder where to start or if you feel stuck  - chances are that, combining our Wisdom, a fresh approach and a strategy will emerge.

My passion lies in helping you move forward strategically with whatever your challenge is at this time. You are introduced to the language of the Soul and its vibration because it is from that angle that a fresh perspective can be found. My intention is to be a practical and pragmatic "stepping stone" on your path offering you resourceful food for thought.


I have studied homeopathy and have practiced shamanic, meridian-based reflexology for over 20 years. In the past 30+ years, I have also studied Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age religions and A Course in Miracles. I have devoured hundreds of books on personal development, energy medicine healing and spirituality. I have added sound healing through the use of the sacred drum and tuning forks allowing distance healing.

My personal spiritual quest, however, was never quenched until I started studying traditional Indigenous teachings. As I study and internalize these, I reclaim my Native heritage and realize that I was born with it and have lived the Spirit of it unknowingly.

Traditional Native American medicine men and women are known as a "hollow bone" or shaman. My early, conscious, personal working relationship with Great Spirit allowed me to become a soul energy medicine woman right where I was, outside of Indigenous communities, and within a self-declared caucasian, Catholic family. My mantra is "I AM a blessing to all of Life and all of Life blesses me."

I come from a point of knowing about how energy flows, the difference between being "psychic", ''empathetic'', "sympathetic" and "intuitive".  I can be a guide, if you are in need of making sense our the language of the Soul and growing your Spirit-map.

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