There has to be another way of looking at this...

Tone Article – December 2019

Thanks Mike! Happy Retirement!

A labour of love, such as Tone Magazine is a wonderful legacy and speaks volumes of dedication, courage, community building and so much more. I wonder what motivated and inspired Mike to create a magazine to explore higher consciousness in a time when that was a taboo subject! I am grateful to you Mike, for having persevered. We are all the better for it.

I can only wonder if Tone had a beginning similar to A Course in Miracles? After being so very frustrated that meetings were always difficult and painful, Bill Thetford, desperate for a solution, said out loud “There has to be another way of looking at this!”. One of his co-workers agreed and said “I will help you.” The heartfelt, desperate cry for help brought something to life they never could have imagined!

As we approach the end of 2019, perhaps some of us need to ask that very same question - “There has to be another way of looking at this” - in the hope that someone will come along and support us in our quest for an answer to a nagging issue that is begging for a new solution in 2020.

For example, it is no longer considered “politically correct” to wish someone “Merry Christmas!”. The term “Happy Holidays” is a controversial subject for many. So I have asked, “there has to be another way of looking at this that is universal”.

Jesus Christ was known as the Prince of Peace. The 25th of December is the only day of the year where Peace echoes on the Planet. The Six Nations Confederacy also had a saviour – he was known as the Peacemaker. He taught six Native Nations how to think in order to live in Peace. These Nations were so committed to living peacefully that they adopted the new way of being and the Peacemaker’s mission was completed and a success. Read “Hiawatha and the Peacemaker”.

So this year, I will not wish you a “Happy Holiday”, nor will I wish you a “Merry Christmas” but rather, I wish you “Happy Peace Making” because to me, since Peace is the only vibration that can motivate the entire world to be quiet for one day, the truth behind December 25th is not a religious one, it is a sacred memory of what it is we all long for. There has to be another way of looking at this – what do we have to lose by asking? If you want to explore how to look at things differently, I offer a $25.00 per session, December special.

All the best to you Mike and thank you for your share in succeeding to create a venue that would foster higher consciousness – because that is the only level at and in which we will find Peace in our Hearts and on Earth. Peace, gratitude and best wishes to you and your readers!


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