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Tous les services sont disponibles en français 
Dignity 101: The Art of Introspection and all that it entails is a niche market and falls under the category of spiritual growth and healing. Never let money become an obstacle to your Spiritual growth. Special arrangements are made all the time! Reach out if you qualify.
Appointments are made via e-mail,
Diane@dignity101.com or by phone 613-261-1602
On-line sessions work beautifully! 
For all Healing Services
The cost is per 1.5 to 2 hour sessions
sliding scale up to $70.00
Never let money stand in the way of your moving forward. A sliding scale of $20.00 to $70.00 is available according to the honour system. Please pay what is appropriate for your budget. Contact me if using special price scale. Thank You!
When you feel stuck and wonder where to turn next, it is often because you are conflicted between what the mind wants and what the Heart  and Soul needs.
Learn about your Self through
an intuitive lense 
in order to move forward
strategically, one step at a time. 
Each session is a combination of learning about the Soul and its ways, how it applies to every day living, exploring strategies to bring about change for you personally, and shamanic energy healing if needed. Shamanic is an Indigenous form of healing called "Energy Medicine".
1.5 to 2 hours max  
$70.00 per session
The cost for classes will differ from one-on-one services.
Quand nos pensées semblent tourner en rond et on a besoin d'aide à mieux réfléchir, il est important de s'introduire à de nouvelles idées qui peuvent ouvrir des portes dans notre cheminement. Viens t'écouter parler, je suis à l'écoute et peux t'aider à voir les événements de ta vie d'un autre point de vue. Un approche stratégique qui inclue tes tendances spirituelles.
Chaque session est un mélange de connaissances du cheminement de l'âme, le développement de stratégies pour apporter un changement qui est personal à toi, et si nécessaire, une guérison énergétique "shamanique" - une forme de guérison énergétique amérindienne.

Special Pricing is available upon request &
will be agreed to privately
Please do not use unless we have come to an agreement.
Click here to make arrangements
Summer 2019 Special
$25.00 CAD per session

Support/Mentoring System

Subscription Service

I meet many people who feel they don't want to impose on my time by asking me questions. Therefore, I am offering the opportunity to ask questions as a service.

Personal development and spiritual growth go hand-in-hand. Growth is something that happens over time. Mentoring in Spirit growth happens best when we can communicate spontaneously:

  • if you need a sounding board and feedback on what you are saying;

  • if you need food-for-thought to grow your own ideas;

  • if you need spiritual teachings;

  • if you need support;

  • if you need to devise a strategy

  • if you need to know about what next book to read or other resources

  • if you need mentoring - 


All of this can be done after our first face-to-face meeting via phone, email, or digital chat.

When you first start, we can be exchanging thoughts several times a week or only once. Sometimes our conversation will provide all that you need for the moment and sometimes we don't need to talk for 4 weeks! It all depends on you and what you want to work on. 


It is always best to stay in touch monthly, for approximately one year. This offers you the support you need without it being invasive or intrusive. All our conversations are confidential and your information will not be shared.


This is how it works:


1. Our first meeting is face-to-face, in person or on the phone or electronically.

2. Afterwards, we can communicate via email - or short phone calls or short video chats.

3. Email responses seem to work the best.

You can pay as you go or subscribe for one month.

The cost for "pay as you go" would be an e-transfer of $15.00. (I spend at least one hour per inquiry.)



I reserve the right to stop the service if your needs require professional health care services. Energy medicine and personal spiritual growth support do not diagnose or treat medical and psychological imbalances. It is philosophical in nature. A stepping stone along your life journey.

Oh WOW! Shamanic Tuning - Story Healing

We store much energy in our subtle, sacred body we don't even know about.

Using the Solfeggio scale tuning forks, along with crystals and my shamanic gifts, we systematically clear the chakras and heal your life story. The forks act like a needle on a record and broadcast the stories that need clearing for now. The forks do not process this residual energy, it simply self-corrects is vibration -  but shamanic healing does allow for processing energy. This is a unique experience if you feel stuck or are looking to be better grounded and or want to have more awareness.