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April 12, 2019

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Is there is more to life?

October 29, 2017


The Process


Personal development and Spirit-growth are concepts that are best understood when they are grounded in an example. Hope you enjoy the story!


The Knocking at the Door of the Heart – A Surprise


Has this happened to you too?

Something unusual happened to me today –

I saw colours around someone and sensed they were feeling sad.

it was almost surreal. I can’t explain it.

It’s as if the Universe was trying to tell me something.

Darned if I know what it was!

I wonder how I could find out because this is getting to be a regular occurence!


It’s as if there is a Trickster hiding around the corner playing hide and seek with me through my senses in an unusual way.


I sometimes see, hear, and/or sense things that no else seems to be aware of – it’s a bit scary and I get called “weird” – not in a bad way, just “different”. People look at me funny and ask "How did you know that?"


Wonder what it all means? I don’t believe in psychics and don’t want to be one.

Yet the Universe keeps on springing these surprising things at me that flirt with extra

sensory perceptions.


It has my attention. Now I’m curious as to how I will understand these messages.



The Quest


I have a long walk to the bus stop from my home. It's my time to ponder things. My current quest is to find answers to these mysterious phenomena, As I ponder, I see a familiar dog standing by the side of the sidewalk. It's as if he's waiting for me. I ask the woman what the dog's name is. Jazz is the reply. I ask if I could pet him and she hums and haws. This dog has personality plus and she explains that he is a "working" dog. He doesn't like to be petted when he's working. When they walk in traffic, his herding instinct is "on". I take an interest and it turns out that this particular breed, the Shetland Sheep dog, is very psychic and is known to anticipate the owner’s thoughts and he does, accurately so!


I asked her if she believed in this psychic stuff. She said the term "psychic" is often misunderstood. It comes from the Greek root word “psyche” which means soul/spirit and not phenomena. I asked if she knew anything about that. She looked at me and was quiet for a few moments. She answered, "I am a soul healer. This is my favourite subject!" 


I felt I had lucked out! What were the odds that I would meet a soul healer today of all days? As I told her about the weird things happening to me, like starting to see colour around certain people and getting strong gut urges and other things, she smiled.


She simply stated that my Soul/Spirit sensitivity was awakening. It is Spirit's way of trying to commune with me about the fact that there is more to life than meets the eye. She said that it sounds complicated but really what it comes down to is, I am being invited to get to know my Soul so it can start to plug into my every day life in a conscious way in order to make each day better. This means learning to make choices consciously or mindful living.  She explained that generally, people just react to things according to what they learned as children, positive or negative. Now the Soul is asking if I would consider "responding" to Life rather than "reacting" to it.


The Trickster’s Role


When I asked her what that meant and where did one start, she explained that I needed to expand my “thinking horizons”. She asked if I had been asking "big life" questions in my mind lately. I said that yes I had been.


"When profound questions are asked, Spirit answers through the language of the Soul. It can feel like having a trickster around. The psychic senses and intuition are the means Spirit uses to communicate with us on Earth." she said matter-of-factly.  She continued: "This is not taught in schools. It's an exercise in exploring the unseen energy attached to each person and learning its vibrational language and rules. It's best to start learning about discernment slowly". She recommended reading books by the pioneer in personal development, James Allen. That's where she started on expanding her own thinking horizons - many, many years ago!"


By now, we are approaching the corner where I will catch my bus. The light is red. I ask what can one expect once the quest is started. She quickly responds that when someone seeks for answers, it is not unusual to have an encounter such as the one we are having or stumbling upon a book that covers the subject you're interested in, because "Life takes care".


She explains that as a soul healer, she listens with her heart and shares what comes to her. The most common response is “I never thought of looking at it this way.” When a new point of view or food for thought, as she calls it, is introduced, often times a new attitude or a new angle can be found and the psychic gifts can be explained and start to make sense. “All of your answers are within your Heart and its up to you to solve the riddles Life sends your way”, she said. Her role is to help direct people to finding their way back to the Spirit within by introducing the language of the Soul. She hoped our conversation was helpful.


On that note, the light turned green, Jazz twirled and barked at a passing motorcycle. I thanked her and we parted ways. I pondered about how I had asked the question in my mind about what these extra sensory perceptions might mean and the Trickster managed to have me meet this beautiful dog I wanted to pet. Its owner knew what I needed to know for now and put me on a road I would not have found easily due to my lack of knowledge on the subject. The odd-ball feeling was still there but at least I knew I wasn't the only one out there who is "different"!


The book I found is helpful. It's about the power of thought and how the energetic consequences our choices play out. Since I've started reading, the psychic phenomena no longer takes over as often to get my attention. I feel at peace with it all. I hope to meet Jazz and his owner again soon!

~ I hope Trickster is listening and will make it happen.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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