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April 12, 2019

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Are they really winter blahs?

February 6, 2018



Have you ever stopped to listen to the peaceful quiet that comes when snow falls before the snow blowers start up to break the silence and infuse the air with gas?


In that peaceful moment, there is a profound connection with Nature and a shift takes place within. You wish it would last longer but you remember your “to do” list and the silence is broken.


We have Mental Health Day in the winter because it seems like a time when we hear the ghosts of winters past more loudly. Why might that be? Could it be that due to the snow’s silence, we all of a sudden are able to get in tune with what makes us happy and not? We shake with fear at the possibilities change might bring. We unknowingly realize that we need to normalize growth and learn how to accommodate change in a peaceful way.


We all like our comfort zones but when they no longer serve us, how do we change without causing an avalanche? Growth comes when you spread your wings and check out new interests – which triggers fear of the unknown. The formula to make it safe is to take one baby step at a time. What hobby would you like to explore? Start small, slowly but surely.


Sometimes what we think we want leads us to what we actually are looking for but if you don't step out and check it out, you'll never know. If checking out new interests still leaves you with a nagging feeling that something is missing – then perhaps there is an underlying issue at hand.


Some of us do need psychological help with mental health issues but for those who don’t, simply ask yourself this question: are these unsettling feelings your Soul pulling at your Heart-strings wanting your attention? Center in your heart and ask. If you don’t know where to start, reach out, perhaps I can provide words to the Soul’s silence through spiritual training.