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April 12, 2019

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What is shamanic energy medicine?

March 4, 2018



What is it? A shaman is someone who has been trained to work with Spirit in dealing with unseen energies at different levels, and retrieving the stuck part with the intention to make your energy whole again at the Spiritual level - some are born with this ability and are trained by Great Spirit. Others are initiated by accomplished, living shamans or a combination of both.


But for me, this type of healing is simply a beginning. The healing must continue through learning about the language and ways of the Soul, which is the Divine Feminine Principle in you. Without it, you are working on 3 cylinders instead of 4.


Life is a game and all games have rules, guidelines, a beginning and an end – as does our human Life. What we need to remember are the Universal laws that govern this Game of Life on Earth. Enter the Soul – its story contains the memory of why we are here and how to play the game. Intuition is one of its tools.


The shaman offers the opportunity for your Soul to come to life. But in a world where we are guided to think and do as everyone one else does and thinks, the Soul remains a stranger to us. Its language seems foreign. It needs to be taught outside of religion.


This is part of my energy medicine expertise. To teach how to remember and combine the Spirit/Soul component with the mental and the emotional ones so that you can participate in your own healing and well being. Learning about the Soul leads to the exploration of the inner workings of Self/Soul/Spirit within the Game of Life.


Since you were born, you have been driven to improve yourself. You went from crawling to walking to running – you are empowered to become a master of your Self. Inner work gets you there. Energy medicine is only a stepping-stone and a reminder of your Soul’s fire. Do you want to remember it? Contact me if you do.






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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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