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What words to use...

June 2, 2018


 In this day and age where words fly through the internet media services, it's hard to keep up with the current jargon. Working in a field that is as old as the Earth, words change but the basic meaning and traditional teachings stay the same. Today we can say we need to develop "an attitude of gratitude" versus the more seemingly boring "be grateful for what you have". We have mistakenly believed for too long that anything "spiritual" is boring and is not a part of every day life.


Life is not static and so we need to always be upgrading our attitude and beliefs as we grow and mature. And as such, I am introducing the EgoTriage energy exploration and cleansing system. It's one of the facets of the services I can offer. Et je peux vous parler en français.


Dignity 101 stands for the restoration of personal awareness and sensitivity training - including making sense out of two of the Soul's facets, the 6th and 7th senses. You see, the Soul is the sensitive part of you. We misunderstand the 6th, psychic and 7th intuitive senses because they are being  linked to faulty belief systems and superstition. Most people are not aware of the important part intuition, for example, can play in every day living... Intuition is part of the Soul, how long can we keep on excluding its purpose in our life?


Some people say that being "spiritual" doesn't put bread on the table. It's not intended to. It's intended to complement your thinking, feeling, and being and what you chose to do with your life. It enhances your outlook because it brings in a non-linear way, an abstract quality to your thinking which can lead to a new, lighter, more fun outlook.


Summer is coming and perhaps it's time to simplify the words, take them out of "spiritual" connotations and focus them on practical, pragmatic words. Learn about your sensitive side. Those who do will be the leaders of tomorrow. Steve Jobs was an active meditator. He understood himself and he understood his connection to the Universal energy and how to use it for good. He was grounded in his Soul's purpose.


The youth need to be introduced to their spiritual, universal Self - their Soul. You cannot teach empathy as that is something you are born with, but you can teach the language of the Soul, which means the language of sensitivity and compassion, the moral fibres made of Light - those vibrations we all seek but can't call out by name. It seems elusive because we fear that which we do not understand - what I will dare call "pragmatic intuitive development" based in the wisdom of the Ages and not the fly by night ungrounded words surrounding our spiritual nature.


It's time to try to put words that are tied to our moral fabric that are effective, grounded, pragmatic and useful. In other words, the soft skills needed to not only survive but thrive in a world that seems to be looking for a new way to live. If we don't study and integrate our sensitive side, then we will always do what we've always done and always get what we always got.


The Medicine Wheel has four quadrants -  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It's time to stop smushing the spiritual into the mental and emotional and stop calling it "religious based". It's time to start running on all four cylinders instead of 3. There's lots of material out there. I'm here for you but if you want books to read, perhaps I can recommend looking into the theme of "mindfulness". See where that takes you. Take good care.


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