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Are Empathetic People Weird? Kind of...

July 22, 2018

Did you know, that according to Dr. Judith Orloff, in her book on empathy, empathetic people have “an extremely reactive neurological system. We don’t have the same filters that other people do to block out stimulation. As a consequence, we absorb into our own bodies both the positive and stressful energies around us….We are truly super responders….high sensitivity affects approximately 20% of the population, though the degree of sensitivity can vary.” I am part of that 20%, how about you?


Isn’t it liberating to know this? Now we only need to learn more about how to live as empathetic individuals and how to create psychic filters, boundaries and protection in order to function better outside of and within the status quo. How do you get there? In my weirdness, I have plugged into the Universal Solutions’ box and have learned how to do that. Here is part of my story. See if you can find yourself in it.


What seemed to plague me all my life was trying to figure out why I didn’t fit in. I wasn’t square, nor was I round, nor was I a triangle – I was all of them at the same time! Over the years I learned that I was resilient – I could meet people where they were at, whether they were square, round or a triangle or whatever other shape. I could shape-shift into what was needed at the time except the “status quo”, (what everyone else does in order to conform) shape. I could never fit in it –.


I learned not to make waves while still speaking my truth. I knew that Nature and all It’s creatures were my best teachers and companions. Contemplation was my way of relating to Life. Its way fed me all that I needed because, Heaven knows, being an intuitive, Indigenous, shamanic empathetic person brought social isolation, rejection and bullying. I didn’t realize that my acute sensitivity was different from others until my late 20’s.


An empathetic person tends to be looking for something but doesn’t quite know what. When you meet the Language of the Soul and hear about Universal Laws something in you awakens. But where to find it? What are you unknowingly looking for exactly?


You are searching for your fundamental moral education about the Divine Feminine Within. It was removed from your curriculum approximately 5,000 years ago except for the Indigenous Peoples who saw all of Life as Sacred. The traditional teachings hold intuitive training within them. One level of the teachings within the Medicine Wheel, for example, explains that there are four quadrants to living: physical, mental,