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What Does Empathy Look Like?

November 5, 2018



According to Judith Orloff, 20% of the population is empathetic. According to Cyndi Dale, an energy medicine expert, there are six empathetic styles. See if you can find yourself in the following:


Emotional:  You connect with another’s feelings as if they were your own. Without good boundaries, you can’t tell whether you are feeling your own feelings or that of someone else.


Mental:You can be speaking with someone and automatically know what they are talking about as if you received a download through intuitive means.


Natural:You are the tree hugger, the plant talker, the animal communicator. You are highly in tune with Nature.


Physical:You actually are able to feel the same sensations another person feels. For example, twins can intuitively know if the other is in pain because they are feeling the same pain.


Shamanic:You relate to life using all of the empathetic styles plus something extra – giving you access to the Spirit-Soul-Earth realm that is different from the norm. 


Spiritual:You sense the Divine and the Divine Will intuitively. You also can read people’s intentions and motives fairly easily and generally, accurately. 


These styles are revealed to you as you live your life. When they do, it is the Soul knocking at your door asking if you would like to start living your life more consciously. 


The senses are actually the gateway to the Soul’s gifts, which we refer to as ‘psychic’ gifts. The word ‘psychic’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘soul-spirit’.The sense giftsaccording to Cyndi Dale are as follows:


Touch – clairtangency                              Taste – clairgustance

Smell – clairscent                                     Feeling – clairempathy

Sensing – clairsentience                          Knowing – claircognizance

Hearing – clairaudience                            Seeing – clairvoyance


Added to the mix of being an empathetic, psychic individual are Spirit-gifts as defined by Saint-Paul. Again, these gifts are revealed to us as we live our every day life. It is said Great Spirit assigns these Spirit gifts us. We do not choose them.


The Word of Knowledge                            The Word of Wisdom

The Gift of Prophesy                                  The Gift of Faith

The Gifts of Healing                                    The Working of Miracles

The Discerning of Spirits                           Different Kinds of Tongues

The Interpretation of Tongues


Most times, when these gifts start manifesting in our life, we become freaked out and frightened because we have not been taught the Language of the Soul. We do not know that we can expect these things to happen through us naturally. When we shut them out because of fear of being crazy or evil, we still secretly wonder in our Heart, what is happening to us and why.


If you have such questions, please reach out! We can talk, judgment-free! Perhaps you would benefit from a few classes on the Language of the Soul?

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