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April 12, 2019

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Why does healing not seem to work?

December 17, 2018




Food for thought.



This blog comes as a result of someone stating that I am very kind but there is no whimsy in sessions with me - things get direct and to the point very, very quickly! So it got me thinking and wondering... Apart from the fact that your time and money are precious to you, the reason for that is I understand the need for you to tell or find the story that's at the heart of the matter. I am told I am very astute.


It has been my experience that when I have gone to a healer for help, the energy was lifted and I felt better but it came back, as if broken in bite sized pieces, within a month. As I noticed the components and started working those, I was better able to face and hear the story the Inner Child held for me. By connecting to the energy of the story, no matter how difficult it was, I was able to drop the past energy into energetic forgiveness and as soon as that happened, that aspect of the story was healed.


It is very good to learn and practice modalities - but it is my understanding that the story behind the ill-at-ease phenomena - sooner or later - needs to be heard, released into energetic forgiveness, transmuted by the Holy Spirit and healed. When the story behind it is very difficult, then different kind of help is needed to bring it out with compassion. Always seek professional help if a healing modality is not helpful.


When you go to a healer and the ill-at-ease situation seems better but something else starts popping up elsewhere, it can be that the same “ill-at-ease” story is seemingly changing its vibration and moving within the body so it can keep on getting your attention. The Soul is asking if you are willing to learn to trust it and listen to the story it has to say. This needs to be a conscious choice and, because of the gift of free will, you need to want to know and give the Soul permission to speak.


Remember that we have embarked on a Path that requires conscious decision-making to bring about change consciously. To hear the story, (which can be personal, family secrets, societal brainwashing or from a previous lifetime or all of the above!) release it into forgiveness and allow it to be transmuted by the Holy Spirit and healed, is a conscious process. Sometimes we do have to go deeper than just the surface. Sometimes we do need to face a truth that we don't want to face or can't believe it can be true. Listen to the story. If you choose to trust it to be true, release it into energetic forgiveness allowing the Holy Spirit to transmute the energy - see what happens.


Sometimes calling upon or using a modality has its limitations until the person seeking for help is willing to allow the Soul's truth to come up to the surface so that the conscious Soul retrieval can take place and the life lesson can be observed. Sometimes this becomes inevitable and at all times, it requires courage, patience, compassion, and willingness to be free. 



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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