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Why is understanding super empathy in youth important?

December 17, 2018


Super Empathy – What it can be like?


Food for Thought Story Blog


He lay in his bed with eyes wide open, mouth clenched shut, blankets up to his nose while holding his breath. He dared not blink so as not to draw any attention to himself. This energy that looked like a bat was floating around the room and he was terrified. It swooshed down one more time and this time the boy started screaming at the top of his lungs. The light got switched on, his Mom was there and all was safe. He was just a young boy.


He told his mother about the floating energy that looked like a bat and she told him that it was just a bad dream. But the boy insisted he wasn’t sleeping, he was awake, he saw it, this was real. ‘No it wasn’t’ his mother told him. ‘Things like that don’t happen in real life. It was just a nightmare.’


The next time this happened, the boy simply hid under the covers and shook. He knew better than to call his Mom because he wasn’t imagining this and he wasn’t asleep. Eventually, he just started waiting for his parents to go to bed. Then he would turn on his light and get to sleep. They said it was night terrors – they weren’t kidding.


His mother noticed that his light was on every morning and she understood that the boy was waiting for her to go to bed before turning the light on. She talked to her doctor about his terrors and the doctor said he was hallucinating. It was a phase kids go through. He would outgrow it. And that was the end of that.


 The boy lived in terror of going to sleep at night and his mother worried he wasn’t getting enough sleep. They put a night light in his room and got a cat. The boy saw how the cat actually tracked the energy. He now understood that there was something there. As the cat stood guard, the boy was finally able to get to sleep. Occasionally the cat would knock things onto the floor – this annoyed the mother but the boy knew what was going on. He also knew it was best not to say anything and make an excuse for the cat being playful.


And this is how a super sensitive child learns to live – they know what they know and see because it happens all the time while they are awake. They understand that somehow adults do not see what they see and furthermore, it is imperative not to tell them about their secret life - it brings them too much grief




This also happens to young girls. When you are told often enough that your spiritual vision as seen through the third eye energy center in the body cannot be real, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. By the time a youth reaches the age of reason, he or she no longer knows what to do with this super-psychic-empathy or soulfulness empathy – in order to fit in, some simply shut it out and some turn to alcohol, smoking, drugs, in order to appease the anxiety they are not allowed to express and needs to be heard. 


20% of the population known as super-empaths don’t have the filters needed to block out extra sensory perception energy. These individuals are born with awakened spiritual centers that are universal to all – but as mentioned, only 1 in 5 have these awakened “psychic/soul” gifts. When these centers are well developed, the individual is able to see some unseen energy through the third eye energy center. 


For someone who is not well versed in the universal spiritual aspects of soul-energy, this cannot be understood and is frightening. Therefore it is deemed unreal and dangerous. Yet to those of us who can see or sense unseen energy, it is difficult to try to fit in because our minds are differently wired and we know we are not “dangerous” – yet society deems our gifts to be – imagine the inner war that goes on in a soulfulness youth


For now, there are not enough mediators or qualified teachers who have the courage to speak out, go against the grain and introduce soulfulness to them so they can understand themselves and see that it is a natural spiritual growth process that is earned and spans lifetimes. It is manageable. They live from a soulfulness space within themselves and are forced to fit into an egofulness world where most are ignorant of soul science.  Many of these youth are very resilient.


Soul science is not religion.  It is a challenge to get it into mainstream because spirituality has been dubbed religion, when it is not. 


It’s time to move forward and introduce soul science to at least the families of these super-sensitive-soulfulness empathetic individuals. When we look at the amount of suicides in the youth, this learning is a component that is important to include in the mix of their education. They do belong here and can learn to fit in.


Can average people learn to love children enough to open their minds and learn about soul science even though it may seem foreign to them? 


Super soulfulness individuals are a minority and like all minorities, are disrespected, ridiculed and bullied for being different. Education is important but tolerance, open-mindedness and inclusiveness are keys to stopping this rash of spiritual and physical exclusiveness.


It seemingly gets complicated because change is also viewed as dangerous. Many catch-22’s wouldn’t you agree?

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