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Divine Direction - Is it Energy Medicine?

March 14, 2019



Being an Elder is an interesting experience. One can look at one’s Life and see the effects of the actions taken. We can see the results we brought about through our decision-making over time in all aspects of our journey so far. We can review our Life  decisions and decide anew looking at what needs correcting, what needs forgiving and what needs to happen next. 


A true Elder is one who has lived his or her life on purpose, learning lessons and making a point to teach the wisdom gleaned from having been polished by the waves of Life and Light.


If I look back on my service to Life, I can honestly say that Great Spirit has truly blessed me with the gifts of discernment and of Spirit Guardian. As such, those who have crossed my Path were predominantly those who were, most often unknowingly, looking for Divine Direction of some kind. They needed to understand some point of Cosmic Law that would release them to chart their own course more wisely. I am most grateful to those who trusted their Hearts and were courageous enough to follow it, in order to receive a teaching they needed to hear, that in turn helped them to move forward spiritually.


True Spiritual growth cannot happen until the individual recognizes that, without Great Spirit breathing its wondrous breath through the Soul, the body is inanimate. Thus, for the individual who wants to grow spiritually, a course of study in the language of the Soul and its Wisdom becomes important. I am profoundly grateful to Great Spirit for having led me down a path that has included books, teachers, and synchronicity that would teach me of wisdom, energy healing and spiritual teachings.


My services help you discover your own Divine Direction because not only do you learn the ways of the Soul and of the Shadow but also learn how to manage both within yourself. This is what is called Spirit/Soul Energy Medicine, which brings a form of healing to your subtle energy field. It can also redirect your attitude towards an energetic block. If you feel stuck, you may be in need of learning how to apply a teaching or two.


Mine is a service of ministering unto your Soul, leading it back to the forefront and allowing the Love and Light that you are to resurface with ease.


If you are seeking spiritual growth outside of religion and spiritual healing through shamanic means (Indigenous healing), please reach out. As an Elder, I most likely will be able to sh