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Soul Prints in the Heart - Workshop



We are concerned about our carbon emissions but what about our negative Soul-Energy emissions? Could they also be contributing to the accelerated Earth climate changes? 


On June 16th, something wonderful is going to happen! Soul Prints in the Heart: A Story-Healing, Consciousness Raising & Energetic Detox, For Women Only Workshop is being held in Orleans. 


The objective is to introduce you to the Soul Energy-Personal Space Consciousness System in a way you have not seen before, how it is stored, how it flows, how to cleanse it and why it is important to know these things. You will be introduced to and practice self-care tools that are effective and easy to do. 


This is a healing workshop that will include sacred drumming, chakra chimes and other sacred instruments.


Why bother learning about energetic Soul Consciousness detox? Because our unresolved, traumatic or conflicting stories stored in our inner-life are a burden to our Soul-Spirit-Body-Health system. But do they also affect the Planet’s energy field? Come and find out.


If we are going to be part of the solution for healing Planet Earth, we need more than just meditation and prayer - we need to understand our personal accountability. We need to see, think, believe and do things differently if we are to bring about physical changes and a higher consciousness. This workshop will provide a map.


In the 100thMonkey study, scientists observed Macaque monkeys on the Japan Islands. The observation was that one monkey learned that washed sweet potatoes tasted better than unwashed potatoes. This monkey convinced another and in no time, the whole colony was pre-washing their potato. What was impressive is that without physical contact or observation, monkeys not only on the opposite side of the island started washing their potatoes but also those on the other islands. It became a social, habitual norm for these colonies. 


The conclusion is that once a certain number, in this case monkeys, started doing the same thing repeatedly, it became a habitual behaviour pattern. 


This brings about the understanding that consciousness is a combination of waves and particles that travel from mind to mind. Look at how we have adapted ourselves to thinking computer, tablets and cell phones. It almost seems to be in our children’s DNA, as they seem to know how to swipe before they can talk! It is an environmental habit that is included in their consciousness when they are born.


If we introduce and start practicing Soul Consciousness Detox on a regular basis, it too could become the norm as it used to be many, many moons ago. Soul Consciousness Detox releases negative energy that keeps us in ill health.  Are you up to remembering it?


Please join me for an experiential “food for thought” workshop that will uplift your Soul-Spirit-Body consciousness system on Sunday, June 16th– space is limited so please reserve your spot now at diane.energy.medicine@gmail.com. 

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