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What is Personal Development & Spirit Growth & Why Is It Important? New Service

June 9, 2019


A “pro-health action plan” is about including personal development and Spirit-Sacred growth into your already busy life! It means bringing balance back. It may seem like a daunting task but once you take the time to learn some very basic steps and how to apply them, it becomes second nature – like driving a car or riding a bike or sending an email.


What is personal development and Spirit-Sacred growth? Regrettably we have slotted these two elements of being Human into the realm of religion and psychology and psychiatry. And worse yet, into the psychic most call “woo-woo”… No wonder nobody wants to talk about it!


As a child, your Spirit-Sacred Self is the force that motivated you to want to learn how to walk upright, how to talk, how to feed yourself,– you get the drift.


When you were in school and wanted to do well, you studied and applied yourself to be your best and you were expected to do your best – that is what personal development is about.


I cannot speak for you, but when I was growing up as a Catholic French Canadian, I was told when I went to church that I was a sinner, a liar and was too cheap to give more money to the church! That goes against the grain of personal development and Spirit-Sacred growth.


A pro-health action plan means wanting to return to that natural, sacred impulse of doing your best and wanting to be a “good” or “nice” or “likeable” or “loveable” person. In order to get there, you need to review your life and what serves you and what no longer serves you.  That is step one. The way to process this information and bring about gentle changes to your life need to be learned. You do need to dedicate some time to it. Whether you prefer finding books that help you along with that, or you find someone who can help you and support you in that, is up to you.


Dignity101 offers a unique service – every session includes a healing component, a teaching component and a strategy component. This combination allows you to move forward, gently and strategically, one step at a time.


I can offer this service because I have taken the