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Family Fee $125.00
Personal Fee $100.00



About the Course - If you cannot participate on the assigned dates, private classes are available. Mentoring is also available.

R E C O N N E C T ! is a mini-course of 4, live, online classes for those who have reached a cross-roads in their personal and spiritual development and don't know where to go next. It is a class that will show your choices in terms of sacred direction without you having to make up your mind just yet. It is a sampling of introducing Sacred Energy and the next steps available to you when you add this energetic aspect to the mix. It's purpose is to help you look at things from the perspective of cause and effect and Universal Laws that are not being taught.

R E C O N N E C T ! is not for everyone. It is designed for those who are at cross-roads in their personal development and who are looking for a missing link - a map that seems to elude them, yet they know it exists. How do you reconnect with your Sacred Self? Is this you?

Dignity101 presents food for thought, a training of the Soul. so that you can choose and pick the seeds of Light and Love that you want to plant and water that will provide results and assist you in developing your own inner GPS. It is food for thought that can lead you to your next destination. See if you can relate to the following story:

They were driving without a GPS and thought they were doing just fine until they came to a crossroads - a T in the road that had no directions! They sat there wondering who would take away road signs! Without a map nor a GPS, they all of a sudden felt unsure of themselves. One saw this as a travesty and the other saw it as an adventure. Which way to go?

They both agreed that either way would hopefully, eventually lead to another road sign that would inform them of where they were and where that road would them. Once they figured that out, then they would turn around and drive in the opposite direction until they found road signs and where that direction would take them. 

Then they would consult each and decide on the way to go...

So they went to the right for a little while but found no road signs. They started to feel they were going in the wrong direction so they turned around. This road was leading them to nowhere.

When they crossed the road that created the "T", they kept on going only to find that this road too, took them nowhere. They decided to go back to the "T", and drive back from whence they came. They realized that without a GPS or a roadmap, without a destination in mind, they could be driving for hours without meeting a gas station or a village. 


Their gas tank was at half. If they returned back to their starting pint, they could fall back, regroup and R E C O N N E C T ! with their goals, envision where they want to go and design a travel plan that could be successfully implemented.


This is what they did. It took a little while but with perseverance and study, they managed to carve out a trip-plan that would work, get them moving forward and make them both happy! 

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